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Join the Voltic Management-In-Training Programme

Voltic, a leading name in the bottled water industry, is offering an incredible opportunity for young professionals who have recently completed their National Service Scheme (NSS). This initiative, the Voltic Management-In-Training Program, is designed to nurture future leaders this could be the stepping stone to a flourishing career.

At our company , we believe that true leadership goes beyond technical skills. it’s about emotional intelligence, adaptability, and a passion for continuous learning. As a Management Trainee, you’ll have the opportunity to hone these crucial skills through hands-on experiences, mentorship from industry experts, and immersive training sessions designed to challenge and inspire you

Why the Voltic Management-In-Training Program Stands Out

The Voltic Management-In-Training Program isn’t just another entry-level job. It’s a comprehensive development program aimed at equipping young talents with the skills and experience necessary to lead in a competitive industry. Here’s what makes this program unique.

  1. Targeted Age Group: The program specifically seeks individuals aged 22-27, ensuring that participants are at a prime stage in their early career to absorb and apply new knowledge.
  2. Post-NSS Candidates: By focusing on those who have completed the National Service Scheme, we are tapping into a pool of individuals who have already demonstrated their ability to commit and contribute to a structured organization.
  3. Leadership Experience Required: Suitable candidates must have leadership experience. Whether you’ve led a team at work, during your studies, or within a social setting, this requirement ensures that participants have practical leadership skills and the ability to inspire and manage a team.
  4. Emotional Intelligence: Emotional intelligence is a crucial trait for effective leadership. We recognizes this and seeks candidates who are not only smart but also adept at managing their own emotions and understanding others.


Voltic is offering individuals who have completed NSS and are within the ages of 22-27, the opportunity to join the Voltic Management-In-Training Program.

As a suitable candidate, you should have led a team either at work, school or social gathering, be smart and emotionally intelligent.

You must also have either of the following backgrounds: Marketing, mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Procurement and Supply Chain, Food Science, Accounting and Finance, Human Resources

NB: P.S Voltic (GH) Limited will never ask you to pay a fee for a job. We also do not advertise jobs on Facebook, WhatsApp, or Tik Tok.

To apply

Application Deadline: 31st May 2024. Click on the link below to register and apply

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